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Taking life to the next level?


Build Better Business

Our mission is plain and simple: we want every Australian to have the same opportunity to be considered for finance - an opportunity to build better business. It’s an audacious, incredibly rewarding mission that our increasingly diverse team is dedicated to achieving.

Twelve Grains Capital is built around the ideology that we're not in a finance business - we're in customer experience business. To that, we take a "no sell" approach, where instead of pushing our agenda, we listen, understand, and put our clients' best interest first even when that means sometimes we might take on the case pro-bono.

Exciting challenges lie ahead - new regions, technologies, and businesses. Guided by our core values, we'll meet these challenges creatively and with the support of our ever growing partners and community. Join us!


Live Your Best Life

There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, explore often, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support they need.


Work from



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Ongoing expert mentorship
at no cost.

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Access to state of the art CRM system and marketing.


Little Team, Giant Dreams

We want to help you find the best version of yourself, so you can help others to bring the best out of theirs. We want everyone to be able to see debt not as a burden, but as a tool to leverage - a bridge, to help them to get where they want to be and achieve their dream, faster.

Whether you're a qualified finance broker, wants to be one, or you're just great with people and think you can help us change the world in any way, we'd like to hear from you! APPLY NOW, and tell us a bit about yourself. Best to answer our questions when you have 15-20 minutes to yourself with no distraction.

Take control, start your journey here!

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